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This important information article is from my friends at Life Enthusiast:

The media are reporting an uptick in the number of covid cases in the United States in the past couple of weeks. I am still not sure if the PCR tests are indicating what is important. But there are more people going to hospitals, so something must be going on. I remain convinced that what we need is more sun exposure to get our vitamin D levels up. And supplement it if we can’t get the sun exposure. And also taking Zinc, which is in every multi-vitamin supplement out there.

But the question is: Should you be prepared for a “4th wave?”

The first wave happened about a year ago. Then we had a second wave that started towards the end of June and beginning of July. Then, the third wave started in the middle of November and lasted until January. I think it is a good idea to be prepared when it comes to your health. That’s why I’ve been writing to you about this virus long before it came to America. The more knowledge you have, the better you can protect yourself and your family. As my understanding of this virus has expanded, I’ve come to realize that there are 3 important factors to this epidemic.

Those 3 important factors are as follows:


This virus directly impacts your tissue oxygen levels. That’s why products like Amazing Soak have been so effective at minimizing symptoms people experience as well as helping “long-haulers” finally kick it from their system. One of the symptoms many people feel is a shortness of breath. This is because your oxygen levels get reduced when you come into contact with this virus. Every cell in your body needs oxygen — and we are not dealing with a regular respiratory infection, it has more to do with your body fluids. It should be treated as a poisoning, not as a breathing problem. To best support your oxygen levels, I’d highly recommend either Amazing Soak or O-Spray (which is the fully diluted version of Amazing Soak — created for easier application).

You can order a bottle of Amazing Soak here: Amazing Soak

Or you can order O-Spray here: O-Spray


There have been several reports from patients who suffered unusual rashes, blood clots, and strokes — which could be linked to damaged blood cells. In particular, the virus seems to attack the endothelium — which is the layer of cells that line the inside of blood vessels and prevent clotting, control blood pressure, and protect the body from invading pathogens. Also, the CDC recently came out and said that obesity resulted in 30% of hospitalizations. Obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are related to poor circulation. And to a diet that causes them. The food we eat causes inflammation in the circulatory system. A group of international researchers found 9x as many small blood clots in the lung tissue of patients compared to patients who have passed away because of the flu. Looks like the virus is wrecking the lung tissue more than the regular flu. To support optimal circulation, I recommend Nattokinase, Magnesium Oil and Heart Studies Formula. Nattokinase prevents the formation of blood clots. It is a great natural alternative to blood thinners.

You can order Naticor here: Naticor

Magnesium lowers your blood pressure and helps prevent blood vessels from constricting, improving your blood flow. You can order Magnesium Oil here: Magnesium Oil

The Heart Studies Formula is a super-food blend filled with healthy ingredients to improve your circulation, heart health, and normalize your blood pressure. For example, one customer used this product to lower his blood pressure from 181/90 down to 138/70 in about 5 weeks. It will also flush out excess cholesterol deposits.

You can order Heart Studies Formula here: Heart Studies

And your circulation is closely tied to the last most important factor…


A recent study (published February 24, 2021) found that elevated glucose levels lead to rapid covid progression and high fatality. Very serious diseases can result when your body does not produce – or properly use – a hormone called insulin, especially diabetes. When your body doesn’t produce or properly use insulin, glucose cannot get into your cells for energy. Instead, it remains in your blood, causing high glucose levels outside your cells, but low ability to produce energy inside your cells.

There are two spices that can help manage your glucose levels – cinnamon and cumin. Both of these spices are available at your local grocery store for a few bucks. And even these cheap spices help balance your glucose levels and blood pressure. However, if you don’t like the taste or want an easier way to consume these spices, we have cinnamon oil and cumin oil available, currently at 15% off.

Order Cinnamol (cinnamon oil) here: Cinnamon Oil

Order Cuminol (cumin oil) here: Cumin Oil

However, if you really struggle with your blood glucose levels, I’d recommend trying GTF Chromium. GTF Chromium is an essential trace element that’s required for normalizing blood sugar and regulating insulin. It also helps inhibit the ability of refined sugar to cause high blood pressure.

You can order GTF Chromium capsules here: Chromium

Or the liquid Chromium here: Liquid Chromium

This epidemic has really exposed the weaknesses of the Standard American Diet, the industrial food that is made artificially cheaper by government subsidies. It promotes grains — wheat, corn and soy — over healthy vegetables. The Standard American Diet is the primary cause behind the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The media has been writing about how the virus affects the visible minorities worse. But I think it has more to do with economics. People with lower incomes tend to eat cheaper foods, and that means the high-carb subsidized toxic grains.

Let’s try a house analogy:

  • Oxygen is your foundation
  • Circulation is your walls and roof
  • Glucose is your windows, air conditioning, and heat

And your diet is the electricity which supports the entire health of your home.

Other Alternative Covid Supplements:

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