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Alternative Health, Healing and Product Links:

Organic/non-GMO/Pesticide Free CBD Oils and Products: www.BodywiseNaturalHealth.com

Alkaline Water Ionizers: Amazon

Fluoride Water Filtration Systems:  Pure Water Freedom

B17/Amygdalin/Apricot Kernels (Laetrile): Apricot Power

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Products:  Himalayan Salt Shop

High Quality Mushroom Products and Teas:  Amazon

doTERRA Essential Oils:  Amazon

Vibrational Exercise Machines: Vibraslim and the Vibe Platform Plate

Pet CBD Products:  www.BodywiseNaturalHealth.com

Total Body Cleanse and Health Products:  MasterCleanse

All Natural and Healthy “Back to Nature Diet:  Hallelujah Acres

Earthing and Grounding Products:  Go Earthing

Masticating Juicers: Amazon

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